Teutonic Fest Honigberg

A journey back in time to the world of the Middle Ages.

For two days, Hărman Fortress will cast a spell over its guests, who will experience a journey back in time to the 13th century.
Celebrating the origins of Hărman, founded 800 years ago by the Teutonic Knights, the event will include many exciting activities for the whole family.
Hărman, situated in Brașov County, was once called Honigberg by the German settlers and Mons Mellis in Latin, both meaning ”Honey Mountain”. The stunning church, still functional, was founded in the early 13th century, and the defensive walls were added from the 15th century onwards. The whole ensemble, still used today, is in a relatively good state of preservation. The beautiful Honigberg Fortress provides the perfect scenic and exquisite location for this event, celebrating 800 years of cultural continuity.
A journey back in time to the world of the Middle Ages. For two days, Hărman Fortress will cast a spell on its guests who will experience a journey back in time to the 13th century.
An insight into the times of peace and war in the Middle Ages – from the peaceful daily routines of the people who lived in those times to the spectacle of horse warfare, sword fighting and archery.
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Celebrating the origins of Harman, founded 800 years ago by the Teutonic Knights, the event will include many exciting activities for the whole family.

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Medieval music

Knights fighting on horses

Medieval tents


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TRUVERII is a medieval and traditional music group that presents old European music, less known to the Romanian public.

The concerts convey the musical joy of yesteryear, following an educational line of cultural knowledge.

What TRUVERII does is a recovery and rediscovery of cultural diversity within the European spiritual identity.

Their music is aimed at all people, regardless of age, nationality or social conditions.

Ordinul Cavalerii Cetăților Bârsei

The ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF B RSA FORTRESSES was founded in 2003, Brasov, with the aim of highlighting the real history of the Transylvanian area and to reconstruct the traditions of the knightly institution. The members of the Order, most of them students, have multiplied over the years, as have the performances they have given. So far, the Knights of the Barsa Fortresses, together with their ladies and Father Benedictus of Corona, have conquered with their jousting, dances and spontaneous attitude audiences in Brașov, Sighișoara, Sibiu, Râșnov, Cluj, Bistrița, Suceava, Alba-Iulia, Târgu-Mureș and many other fortresses. A very captivating and educational experience, which spiritually enriches the viewers!


ANACRONISM turns back the clock to recapture the glory of times long gone, to understand how things have evolved and to share the values of the past with new generations.

ANACRONISM recreates life in the 13th century, the period of the fortification of Transylvania, the Crusades and the Mongol invasion, in terms of dress, weaponry, crafts and customs.

This re-enactment is carried out through recreational and educational activities during medieval events and festivals, to bring young children closer to history and the values of the past.


TERRAULTRASILVANA is among the most experienced historical re-enactment groups in Romania. Every year, for many years, they have demonstrated and re-enacted the life and arts of the Romanians in the medieval period. With the most brilliant and accurate costumes, outstanding fencing skills (developed through many years of serious training) and excellent skills in traditional archery, they present wonderful historical scenes and interactive lessons. They set up a historical camp and provide recreational-educational activities in a variety of ways.

Kalotaszegi Turul NHE – Vulturii din Ţara Călatei

THE EAGLES FROM CĂLATA LAND is an experienced, professional, historical re-enactment group that presents all aspects of medieval Transylvanian knightly culture. Members of this dedicated and highly skilled group present to audiences, young and old, the ways of life and battle of the ancient warriors of our lands, through exciting demonstrations of horsemanship, and combat with sword, lance, spear and bow. Their presentations are full of excitement, fierce competition and high levels of skill, a lesson and a model of those ancient times that helped shape modern society, aiming at today’s young people. To know the present, we must not forget the heroes of the past!

Teutonii Transilvaniei

TRANSYLVANIAN TEUTONS is a historical re-enactment group dedicated to preserving and presenting the lifestyle and military methods of the Teutonic Knights. The original Teutonic Knights played a brief, but highly significant role in the history of Transylvania and in establishing the Transylvanian identity. This group reconstructs the life and times of these ancestors and helps the modern generation to learn more about their past and cultural background.


Fortified Church Hărman
Town Hall of Hărman
County Council Brașov

Ministerul Culturii

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German Community of Hărman (Honigberg), through HONIGBERG FOUNDATION.

HONIGBERG FOUNDATION is a non-profit organisation, established with the aim of preserving and enhancing the cultural and historical heritage of the German community from Hărman, the most important heritage element being the fortified church, built in the 13th century.

With an area of 14,526 m² and a circumference of 430 metres, the fortified church is one of the largest fortified churches in Transylvania. The 800-year-old fortress is the heritage treasure of the Hărman community and its value is a great responsibility


Regional branches of Historical European Martial Arts

The Regional Branch of Historical European Martial Arts includes people who, out of passion and devotion to the traditional medieval arts, have planned this event down to the smallest detail. Working together, colleagues from Sofia, Bucharest and Brasov, having recently hosted similar successful events in Bulgaria, want now to contribute to an authentic event in Romania.

Borislav Krustev – Historical Fencing Sofia
Angel Chernaev – Historical Fencing Sofia
Nikola Hristov – Stara Zagora Historical Fencing Club
Adina Mihaita – 7 Swords HEMA Bucharest

Antonius Karasulas

Antonius Karasulas, chief instructor of the Hekisan Martial Arts Centre in Hărman, has 35 years of experience in classical Japanese sword arts and has been the chief instructor of the Australasian branch of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu (MJER), based in Tokyo, Japan, for over 25 years. He holds high ranks in several Japanese sword arts: MJER Iaijutsu (7th dan), Yushindo Kenjutsu (kyoshi) and Toyama Ryu Battojutsu (5th dan). Antonius has studied European historical martial arts for 15 years and has been actively involved in historical re-enactment in Australia for many years.



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What do we want to achieve with Teutonic Fest Honigberg?

HONIGBERG FOUNDATION aims to draw attention to the serious state of deterioration of the 13th century fortified church vault (roof), because this historical monument is in danger of losing its battle with time, after 800 years of existence.

All income from the event will be used for urgent rehabilitation and conservation work on the vault (roof) of the fortified church.

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